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Crab Grab have yet again provided you with the must have item you never knew you needed. The Binding bag is a mini backpack that fits perfectly over your snowboard bindings. 

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EMPTY YOUR POCKETS Put our Binding Bag on your high-back, slip the security leash behind your forward lean adjuster, and fill it with all the crap you don’t want in your pockets: tools, wax, keys, candy, cash, weapons, whatever. Built with a sealed zipper and dry bag bottom, this tough little bag is ready for anything. Plus, there's an interior zip pocket for extra tiny things. Fit's most known bindings. Bindings not included. Enjoy.

Keep all your snowboard tools, wax, sweets, cash ready for on the fly usage right next to your board and bindings. No need to carry bulky items in your pockets when they fit ever so snug in your binding backpack! Crab Grab have made the binding bag with a dry bag bottom and a sealed zipper to ensure all your belongings stay dry on the inside. You also get an extra interior pocket for those extra tiny items! 

Slip em on your highbacks and secure them to your forward lean adjuster for all day shredding good times. You'll never know how you snowboarded without them.

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