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Fully decked out for freestyle and all-mountain riding, the Switchback Halldor Pro Snowboard Bindings are built on the ultra-strong and lightweight AERON base. Featuring calf cupping Reach Around Highbacks that disperse pressure and add in extra support i

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Product description

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Stiff Flex – Built for stability and responsiveness with a forgiving balance of flexibility.


AERON Base – Introduced in the Fall of 2017 after three years of R&D. It is a stronger and lighter base using an industry first construction method, overmolding forged aluminum with the highest grade polyamide nylon. It has a smaller disc, smaller footprint, and toolless size adjustability. It provides unparalleled fit regardless of boot brand and size.

Boot to Board Full EVA Toe Ramp and Heel Pad – Adjustable full EVA toe pad and full EVA heel pads cushions impact and disperses pressure.

Overmolded Forged Aluminum Power Rods – Industry first overmolding tech for maximum power transfer from toe to heelside with minimal power loss. The aluminum rods are overmolded inside the heel cup to form an indestructible bond with no need for extra hardware.

Overmolded Forged Aluminum Heelcup – Industry first overmolding tech creates a virtually indestructible heelcup.

Tool-Less Size Adjustability – Three size positions for a perfect fit.

Corner Dampers – EVA pads disperse impact and pressure.


Wrapback – Originally developed by Halldór, these anatomically wrapping highbacks provide more calf support to make those presses proper and help stick the landings. They're slightly rotated and have adjustable forward lean for the perfect amount of response and control.

Hole-Lot-Of-Flex – Switchbacks signature highback-hole flexes with your boot while providing full support.

Lightning Switch – Swap out your highbacks in seconds without tools.

Lock N' Pop – Signature heelcup locks the highback in place while releasing easily.

Plush Padding – Comfortable EVA padding makes for a smooth ride and protects your boots.

Nylon Injection – Perfect combination of strength and flex no matter the condition.

Clean Forward Lean – Adjust forward lean for personalized riding feel.

Asymmetrical Wrap Shape – Hugs the outside of your boot for extra stability and press power.


Eames Strap – Composed of a rugged leather style cover and a solid pre molded EVA lining for a more responsive and powerful feel. The shaping and materials easily form and mold around any boot contour for a plush fit.

Easy Access Ergonomically Shaped Heel Ladders – The heelstrap ladders are shaped to bend out before they wrap around your boot. This design spreads the pressure of the strap evenly, eliminating pressure points, and making it easier to enter the binding since the strap opens to the outside.

Comfort Padding – Extra thick EVA inner padding holds your boots down comfortably.

Edge Reinforcement – Heavy-duty stitched piping reduces strap wear and tear.

Too-Less Strap Adjustment – Adjustable heel and toe strap positions for unmatched fit and comfort.

Aeron & Origin Base Compatible – Removable pins make the straps compatible with both AERON and Origin base.


Triple Action Ratchet – Catch free triple tooth ratchet for security and strap-in ease.

Additional Features

Mini Disk – The lighter and reduced footprint of the new minidisk allows you to better feel your boards flex, allowing for a more natural power transfer. Compatible with Channel and 2x4 mounting systems.


  • Ability Level: Advanced-Expert



  • Flex Rating:Stiff




  • Binding Style: Strap


  • Binding Mount Pattern: 2x4, Channel


  • Athletes: Halldór Helgason


  • Warranty: 2 Years

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